Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.

need to climb some trees as soon as possible

i literally could not give less of a shit about my belly it’s the possibility of having a fupa that keeps me up at night

seriousjones replied to your photoset:neat
at first I thought she cleaned your room and this was all the stuff she found in your closet and shit

my room was literally the only one in the house that had enough open floor/bed space. i pride myself in having the most spacious room in the house considering it’s tied for the smallest for square feet, excluding bathrooms 


i am generally in a bad mood

do you work out?

i dunno why i feel like people ask me this so often
but i used to run and stuff but nowadays (since i fell off my bike when my chain came off last semester) my knee hurts whenever i do so yeah. i would go to the gym but i always get really uncomfortable when i’m there alone and so i pretty much never do


u ever get so hype the only thing u hear is gasolina by daddy yankee

i’m literally vomiting all over my phone right now

i’m literally vomiting all over my phone right now

op guys here’s our exit

op guys here’s our exit

me: *is Cool and Nice*